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The dominant group we have in the 40 – 49 year old grow here how long did you want to keep working that you might want to ponder because those who are coming after you are relatively small not he number at the moment and that’s why the ability to meet this demand i think is going to be a huge challenge. Just to show you how different it is for dentist you can see there is a very rage proportion of dentist who are age less than 30 and that’s been the outflow all the increase in dental programs in the country . The workforce is not much better balance between these less than 30 and those age over 60. Just to go back you can see the distribution is all skewed over one side so the question of a replacement is going to be a big question because this group over here are pretty small in number in real terms.

我要跳过的工作模式,并尝试绘制所有这些意见一并给你。有我们那种通过这个数据发现什么。What you can see is that there is a burdening gaining community , particularly in elderly females, they’re ore medically compromised woos the complexity of patients are riding , there are more daisies and tooth loss in rural remote, indigenous , low SES, low education parts of the community and because of that it here Isa Mel distribution towards card holders and people who are lesslikieleiiy to have dental insurance and who will delay care and postpone because it’s too expensive . The complexity of care will also mean that there is going to be a greater need for things like植体稳定这是由于再吸收等因素的驱动作用。我们将会有一个很大的需求,那就是预期的需求d对于更多的去除部分假牙以及相当稳定的对全假牙的需求。


的[无声]劳动力未在数字术语以相同的速率作为其它基团生长。从比例它的萎缩,似乎比匹配其他demans但我们理清一个刀口,并在改变球队的竞争。I think this i a really water shed moment for dental prostetus to think about what should out profession look like in the future given that these are the demand for care which are coming down the pipeline more of the same and if you look at the UK situation they need to increase by 3 or 4 fold so they have massive shortage because again they didn’t plan workforce hobby as well as we have done either well or by accident in Australia . I think they are the kind of the wide angel’s shots of the profession that you could look at.


I haven’t shown a lot of information , i would be certainly happy to share those because its allay in the public domain to share it with so if you want to copy of the personation then certainly email e me or perhaps the association who i will provide it to as well. Thanks you very much it’s been a pleasure talking to you u this afternoon.


观众:什么你刚才告诉我们,在一个整体的劳动力并没有增长,我们都希望减少工作时间就迅速汇总。客户群或潜在劳动力普遍增加特别几个月穷,谁是人们想象的那么好主自己的牙齿,因此需要时间明智反对我们正在增加,我们要少做一些,那种我们正在寻找与人打交道are lower socioeconomics and we have the least funds available yet of you look ta the contrast of this morning’s lecture was about doing dentistry as expensively as possible both time wise and dollar cosies. The association that is pushing the industry has harassed to be spending time here rather than making teeth for people and you are saying also … how do you marry that up , can you speak to the contradiction there in .

LW:我不认为实际上有一个对比在其中。我认为有一堆是相互啮合的优先事项。If you want to be an inefficient t quality provider then you need to do [Inaudible] as a responsibility so i see that as an investment in quality and i think most people will argue that there is some evidence that will support that’s that’s actually the cases.




I think when we have discussion with government it’s our opportunity to a reticulate those costa and those impacts , its not just saying give us an extra 10 or 15 % there are the reasons for it because these ram the extra compliance cost that we had to carry . Here are the swings and found about that’s why I think it’s important for the association to make representations to movement met about hate are fair effective solution because the government has to do something to help people out for dentistry for people in Australia. They have told that to me, it’s not great secret. They have to do something. It’s up to us to give them effective solutions and those things will involve them spending some money but that’s one reason why we all pay taxes [;laughs] .


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